My Hope for Beulah, the Local Church and Edmonton


Whenever I pray, “God may your kingdom come and your will be done,” I’m not just going through the motions and praying some sort of ritualistic prayer. Nor am I praying it and hoping that God would do that through someone else in some other place. Since this is a part of the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray, I have confidence that he is doing “something” when we have the audacity to pray that prayer with sincerity and faith. And I’m convinced that God chooses to do that “something” through you and I – through the church.

Let’s face it. The local church can be dysfunctional because we are the local church and we can all be dysfunctional. Regardless, I have full faith in God’s redemptive power and his desire to usher in his kingdom through the local church.

When I came to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to serve at Beulah Alliance Church in 2010, I wasn’t just coming for some job. I came because I was convinced that Beulah was all about God’s kingdom and his mission. After all, since its birth in 1921, over 40 churches have been planted out of Beulah.

And now that God is leading us into a new season of ministry, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on this question,

“What gives me hope that Beulah will continue on this trajectory and be a transformational kingdom agent in Edmonton and beyond?”

Here are some of my thoughts:

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How to Create a Missional Culture at Your Church (BLESS Pocket Guide)

How can you create a missional culture at your church?

The big challenge and task for churches that are serious about creating a missional culture and participating in the mission of God, is how to normalize mission and missional engagement in the lives of her congregants.

Do you inspire your church to action with a sermon? Do you equip your church with skills and knowledge with a seminar? Or do you employ an apprenticeship model? How is it that you can best call your church to significant city-impacting, gospel-driven and spirit-empowered missional engagement?

The answer?

You need to normalize it. You need to make missional engagement as normal as motherhood and apple pie. Don’t make missional engagement sound like something that only missionaries are called to do. Make it natural and an assumption for every disciple. In other words, if you’re a disciple of Jesus, then missional engagement is just a part of it.

I want to commend Community Christian Church for producing a fantastic acronym to normalize mission – it’s BLESS. You can find Dave Ferguson’s article and video on it here from Verge. You can watch Jon Ferguson explaining it here. Or you can watch multiple videos on BLESS on Ministry Grid. You can even download Dave Ferguson’s ebook on BLESS here from Exponential.

Part of my role at Beulah Alliance Church is to lead the church and all the campuses in their missional engagement. And in order to raise the missional culture at Beulah, I need to give the congregation a tool to normalize mission. Out of all the tools out there, we decided on BLESS because of its simplicity and its ability to make mission seem easy.

So here are a few things that we’ve done to create a missional culture:

  • We created a BLESS Pocket Guide for our congregation – you can click here or the image below to download it. (We adapted it with permission from John Wentz’s Missional Pocket Guide)
  • We introduced it via a 3 week sermon series. You can listen to all the messages at or click below for one the one that I preached on the last S of the acronym
  • We incorporated the BLESS language into our community engagement strategy for city impact
  • We are making weekend life stories BLESS oriented
  • We created vehicles for our congregation to live out BLESS in community – they’re called mid-size communities

How are you creating a missional culture at your church? How do you normalize mission?
Bless acronym

Tuesday’s Thought – Bill Hybels and Vision

Bill Hybels is futurist and a visionary. I have incredible respect for this man and his leadership, influence, and kingdom vision. Here’s one of his stellar quotes from his talk at the 2014 Global Leadership Summit.

You can live and lead small, live and lead safe, live and lead selfishly, or you can pursue a grander vision

What vision are you pursuing?

Leadership Development for Midsize Communities

In this last session of my Midsize Groups Course on Ministry Grid, I introduce a reproducible leadership development system for midsize community group leaders. It’s a three-dimensional process: initial, ongoing, and practical.

Click here to take this session.

If you would like to read an earlier post I wrote reviewing Ministry Grid as well as introducing my Midsize Groups Course, click here.

Tuesday’s Thought – Brad Lomenick and Your Next Role

Catalyst has been a blessing to my development as a leader and I’m deeply grateful for the leadership that Brad Lomenick has brought to it. When I heard that Brad had written a book, The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker, I quickly added it to my “must read” list. Regretfully, it’s taken over a year for me to get to it, but once I opened it up, I gobbled it up in matter of days. I even live tweeted each chapter – you can check it out by going to my twitter account – @danielsangi.

Here is one of my favourite quotes from his book, The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker:

Act, lead, dream, create, and deliver based on the job or position you want next, not the job or position you have now. Step into that role before you ever have it. Demand perfection from yourself before anyone ever demands it of you.